Pissing off The Conservatives

I have this school assignment for my honors literature/honors history class. It lasts for the entire school year, and we have smaller assignments that we put together at the end of the year. For my introductory assignment, we have to write about three people and choose. All of my people were liberal. JFK, Lyndon Johnson, and Susan B. Anthony. I decided to do my assignment on Lyndon Johnson, since, (when asked in my class about him), everybody gave me that look as if they didn’t understand. My conservative friends in the class (different class periods) gave me weird looks at lunch when I told them. Even the teacher, who is Christian, said that Lyndon Johnson was a great choice, since he did many great things.

While sitting at the table, I commented on how I loved that JFK, although Christian, wanted total separation of Church and State, and was a liberal. One of them (the most vocal of how she is against gays and shit), just didn’t say a word. So then, I asked “What if they allowed us to do Barack Obama?” Then she just replies with “It’s not allowed to be a person who is still alive.” I asked “Or Mitt Romney?” Nothing. Not a word.

I’m tired of being judged off of my political affiliation. I don’t consider myself the most extreme liberal, but more open minded or supportive of people who are oppressed.


Obama Is Ruining Our Country! Why? He just is!

Obama Is Ruining Our Country! Why? He just is!

Of course. The current president of the United States doesn’t have the mental capacity to think of things to better our country. He’s ruining our country. He’s Muslim. He is racist, simply because he brings up the problem we still have in this country with racism. He’s apparently aiding terrorist in his free time.

What bullshit.

How is he ruining our country? The only thing I can say I truly and completely disagree with him on is his want to take military action against Syria.

Is it because he’s going more for the interest of oppressed people? Is he going against your “Jesus”? God wasn’t white… he wasn’t homophobic. He wasn’t racist. He might have believed homosexuality was wrong, (according to certain “scripture” that certain people like informing me about), but he probably wouldn’t have denied them rights.

Is Obama ruining the country because he wants affordable health care? Because he’s trying to lower the deficit?

Some people disgust me in their hatred. They hate Obama, but most people who say something like that don’t even know anything about politics.

Research something before you post some stupid comment. Please. Save the world from people who choose to ignore politics.