My Conservative Teacher

I won’t mention any names at all. But, in my computer course on Tuesday (which is required, and he’s the only teacher) the teacher made a really stupid remark. I don’t insult conservatives, because they have a right to their own opinion. Here’s the remark:

“I hate Hollywood. I hate movies. They’re all liberal. They’re all liberal, they don’t want what’s best. They don’t believe in God; anybody can act. I would rather live my life. If I wanted to see a liberal get shot, I would shoot them myself.”

After that, he continued talking. He is a nice person. But, what he didn’t realize was that a liberal Christian was sitting next to him. He automatically assumes I’m a conservative. I don’t like badmouthing anybody, but that was extremely stupid. I was sitting next to a good friend, who is also liberal. We were both silent. But now that I think about it, we should have said something. Somebody thought he was joking, but something just says that he wasn’t. The way he said it just didn’t seem right.


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