Why I Get Pissed Off Easily

I honestly don’t know what to do involving politics or religion. I’m in a rough place. Why? Because of my more liberal views, I am not a “good enough Christian”. I’m not saying I support abortion, I’m supporting a woman having her choice over her health choices. If a non-Christian woman wants to have an abortion, let her. Why should my beliefs be imposed on her. It makes me upset that I’m referred to as “an Anti-Christ, pro-abortion, filthy, liberal scum”? I love God, but the God that these “conservatives” are talking about is the God I don’t believe in. The God I believe in was tolerant, wasn’t favoring “rich, white, gun-loving, anti-Affordable Care Act”. If the God I believe in, “Caring, accepting of race, gender, sexuality,” is really this “republican Jesus”, I don’t want to believe.

Why, as a fourteen year old, am I called an anti-Christ, filthy, liberal scum. I don’t agree with everything Obama says or does, but for the most part, I do agree. They call him a Muslim terrorist, a Kenyan, and what’s all the talk about his birth certificate? Just because he’s half black and half white? Those who chose to ignore racism are ignorant. It still exists. You can’t turn away from it.

This is my last Saturday of the summer, and I plan on having a great time surfing through YouTube videos, when I notice my inbox has 2 in parenthesis. Comment replies. You know what they say “filthy liberal scum”. “There’s no such thing as a Liberal Christian, because it’s against everything God taught”.

I just don’t know right now. It’s difficult, because I’ve become much more aware in the past few months, that conservatives don’t like people like me, especially.


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