Keeping An Open Mind

I’m trying to avoid become an extreme liberal. Why? Because extreme liberals are just as bad as extreme conservatives.

Sometimes, staying open minded is difficult. A lot of times, people will say stupid things, and it will be difficult to not insult that person.

What I’m saying is, don’t insult a conservative, unless they do something directly to insult you. Liberals should be considered as open minded. But becoming so extreme to the point of you not talking to a conservative again is too much. It’s great to create balance. Have a couple conservative friends.

Intelligent liberals and conservatives don’t usually waste their time insulting each other. Many times, they may try working together to solve problems. One problem with our government, however, is that they don’t even try working together. Some do, but some don’t.

Instead of opposing each other and insulting each other, why not help each other out? Find a compromise? That way, both conservatives and liberals can get a piece of what they wanted.


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