A liberal Christian doesn’t exist. You are trying to ride a unicorn. God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. When man violates God’s eternal law, he is NOT a Christian.~krazykyngekorny

An idiot on Yahoo Answers. I don’t like insulting people… unless they piss me off. So basically, this guy (or girl) is saying that I am not Christian, although I believe in God. Saying that I’m not Christian because I’m a liberal. I’m progressive. I think what pisses me off most is that I’m “violating” God’s law. How? I could care less if two gay men marry. I could care less if a woman got an abortion. I think the Affordable Care Act is great! I think that teachers should be shown a bit more appreciation and should get paid more. But, I think all of that while still believing in God.

If God is this bigot, who only cares about conservatives and wealthy people, then I don’t want to believe in that God. No, I thought God cared about everybody, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, wealth, or age.

Another answer from that site:

You are probably just rebelling, because mom and dad shame you all the time and put a pile of guilt on your shoulders. Nobody is perfect and if you really believe in Jesus Christ, then you know that he cares about imperfect people, so you fit right into his type of crowd. ~Romeo

So, my parents, who consider themselves liberal, shame me and put guilt on my shoulders? The only guilt I feel with my parents is when they do something nice for me and I don’t acknowledge it! Why would they intentionally make me feel guilty, considering that they know I tend to overcompensate when I do feel guilty? What do you mean “fit into his type of crowd”. From what I remember, God cared about everybody, not just imperfect people.

The rest of this guys answer involved how liberals don’t “own up to their mistakes” and deny something they’ve done. They continued with conservatives “always owning up to what they did wrong”. An example to debunk this is Obama’s statement of how he did experiment with drugs when he was younger. He owned up to it, and he’s liberal. Who’s to say that I deny that I’ve ever done something wrong? I know that I’m not perfect.

I’m so tired of conservatives who say that “I’m not a true Christian” because I don’t oppose same sex marriage or abortion. Because I support an $11 dollar minimum wage. Because I support gun control.

A liberal Chris…


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