Rape Is A Crime

To the right-wingers who think that rape is part of God’s plan, you could be right. But then again, God said adultery is wrong. So is it really part of God’s plan? Like some people say, there’s Heaven and Hell on earth.

But either way, rape is wrong. There is no reason  why a woman should be raped, no matter how she’s dressed or how she acts. Same goes for a man. That’s like me marrying somebody simply because I liked the way they dressed that one day. I just wouldn’t do it.

Rape is committed because the rapist wants control over somebody, since they can’t control themselves. That does sound solid. But, I even got conservatives and republicans to side with me (shockingly) when I said that rape is wrong, and that whether somebody believes it being a part of God’s plan, it shouldn’t be ignored. I didn’t get them to agree on my pro-choice ideals although. I’m not saying that I would want to have an abortion. But, a woman should be able to chose. If she is raped and doesn’t want a baby (if she is impregnated), she should be able to choose.

To the republicans who are basically saying that rape is “okay” because of God’s plan, I pity you. Once again, there is no reason why a woman or man should be raped because of how they look, or even because that person that did it wanted some action. Anybody who is raped should report it.


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