Respect For Our President

One pet peeve of mine is disrespect for our POTUS. The reason is because long ago, whether you liked the current president or not, you wouldn’t disrespect him in the public eye. Sure, you might talk about how he is good or bad in the privacy of your home or friends with similar views. But the amount of disrespect for President Obama is astounding! Maybe it’s because I’m just now getting into and understanding politics, but I see so much disrespect. Don’t call Obama a “bastard” or “stupid” in public. In the military community, you would get ripped a new one for doing that. (I know because I have a history of military in my family). As a person with many conservative friends, I have to say that even they don’t disrespect him. They may say that they disagree with him and his policies, but they never openly disrespect him with petty insults.

As a fourteen year old, I have to say we really need to teach a lesson in manners!


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