Republican Jesus

Middle Eastern people have many different skin tones. Most ranging between honey/caramel color to a dark brown. But, there are some lighter toned Middle Eastern people. One thing that peeves me, though, is how Jesus is always depicted as white, with long, silky, light brown hair and blue eyes. Oh, don’t forget, he had perfect skin too!

1. Republican Jesus loves guns

    Nothing more needs to be said….

2. Republican Jesus loves and cares for the rich, and doesn’t do things for the poor

    Just yesterday at youth group we talked about how Jesus cares for the poor… so something must be wrong!

3. Republican Jesus hates anybody who is an Atheist

    Tolerance, remember? Many people think of atheists as devil worshipers when really, they just believe in a higher power. This is where I defend atheists.

Those were just a few facts I found kind of funny. Whether you believe or not, it’s humorous. Jesus was a carpenter, probably had rough and dry skin, had brown tangled hair, and had darker skin.


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