5 Things To Remember…

1. Conservatives May Not Be That Stupid…

The media makes conservatives look stupid. To be a bigger person, I don’t want to call the person or their views stupid. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Don’t get to big of an ego when arguing with one

2. Keep It Clean

When arguing with somebody, it is easy to get so passionate that your words may fly together and you might not make sense. Many times, cuss words or insults may come out. Try to keep it clean and professional.

3. Listen

Whether you agree with a conservative or not, let them speak what they want. This way, you’ll have time to gather your thoughts together, and they may even bring something new to consider in the situation.

4. You Don’t Have To Justify

You don’t have to justify your views. Sure, it might be nice to just shut a person up. But sometimes, staying simple leaves them thinking, rather than blurting out your every thought.

5. Keep Cool

Remember, that what you believe is your views. If you’re surrounded by conservatives, that can be a good thing. It can bring new conversations, and allows for political diversity. But, sometimes it may not be a good thing. Balance out your surroundings, and know that not everybody will agree with you.


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