Why Obama Needs To Rethink His Decision

I support Obama. I do. Only once or twice have I ever disagreed with him on certain topics (which were very little, I don’t remember). But, he should rethink his decision of a military strike. No matter how small, it’s still risky territory. Yes, the person (or people) in charge for the chemical attack should pay for what they did. But, this could lead to something big and bad (not in a good way). Putin said that the U.S. should hold off on attacks. For the first time, I agree with him.  We should solve our own problems. We have our own problems to deal with. Calling this attack could lead us to even worse issues. I hope Obama rethinks around his testosterone. I agree, they should pay. But, no attack should be made.


My Conservative Teacher

I won’t mention any names at all. But, in my computer course on Tuesday (which is required, and he’s the only teacher) the teacher made a really stupid remark. I don’t insult conservatives, because they have a right to their own opinion. Here’s the remark:

“I hate Hollywood. I hate movies. They’re all liberal. They’re all liberal, they don’t want what’s best. They don’t believe in God; anybody can act. I would rather live my life. If I wanted to see a liberal get shot, I would shoot them myself.”

After that, he continued talking. He is a nice person. But, what he didn’t realize was that a liberal Christian was sitting next to him. He automatically assumes I’m a conservative. I don’t like badmouthing anybody, but that was extremely stupid. I was sitting next to a good friend, who is also liberal. We were both silent. But now that I think about it, we should have said something. Somebody thought he was joking, but something just says that he wasn’t. The way he said it just didn’t seem right.

Why I Get Pissed Off Easily

I honestly don’t know what to do involving politics or religion. I’m in a rough place. Why? Because of my more liberal views, I am not a “good enough Christian”. I’m not saying I support abortion, I’m supporting a woman having her choice over her health choices. If a non-Christian woman wants to have an abortion, let her. Why should my beliefs be imposed on her. It makes me upset that I’m referred to as “an Anti-Christ, pro-abortion, filthy, liberal scum”? I love God, but the God that these “conservatives” are talking about is the God I don’t believe in. The God I believe in was tolerant, wasn’t favoring “rich, white, gun-loving, anti-Affordable Care Act”. If the God I believe in, “Caring, accepting of race, gender, sexuality,” is really this “republican Jesus”, I don’t want to believe.

Why, as a fourteen year old, am I called an anti-Christ, filthy, liberal scum. I don’t agree with everything Obama says or does, but for the most part, I do agree. They call him a Muslim terrorist, a Kenyan, and what’s all the talk about his birth certificate? Just because he’s half black and half white? Those who chose to ignore racism are ignorant. It still exists. You can’t turn away from it.

This is my last Saturday of the summer, and I plan on having a great time surfing through YouTube videos, when I notice my inbox has 2 in parenthesis. Comment replies. You know what they say “filthy liberal scum”. “There’s no such thing as a Liberal Christian, because it’s against everything God taught”.

I just don’t know right now. It’s difficult, because I’ve become much more aware in the past few months, that conservatives don’t like people like me, especially.

A liberal Christian doesn’t exist. You are trying to ride a unicorn. God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. When man violates God’s eternal law, he is NOT a Christian.~krazykyngekorny

An idiot on Yahoo Answers. I don’t like insulting people… unless they piss me off. So basically, this guy (or girl) is saying that I am not Christian, although I believe in God. Saying that I’m not Christian because I’m a liberal. I’m progressive. I think what pisses me off most is that I’m “violating” God’s law. How? I could care less if two gay men marry. I could care less if a woman got an abortion. I think the Affordable Care Act is great! I think that teachers should be shown a bit more appreciation and should get paid more. But, I think all of that while still believing in God.

If God is this bigot, who only cares about conservatives and wealthy people, then I don’t want to believe in that God. No, I thought God cared about everybody, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, wealth, or age.

Another answer from that site:

You are probably just rebelling, because mom and dad shame you all the time and put a pile of guilt on your shoulders. Nobody is perfect and if you really believe in Jesus Christ, then you know that he cares about imperfect people, so you fit right into his type of crowd. ~Romeo

So, my parents, who consider themselves liberal, shame me and put guilt on my shoulders? The only guilt I feel with my parents is when they do something nice for me and I don’t acknowledge it! Why would they intentionally make me feel guilty, considering that they know I tend to overcompensate when I do feel guilty? What do you mean “fit into his type of crowd”. From what I remember, God cared about everybody, not just imperfect people.

The rest of this guys answer involved how liberals don’t “own up to their mistakes” and deny something they’ve done. They continued with conservatives “always owning up to what they did wrong”. An example to debunk this is Obama’s statement of how he did experiment with drugs when he was younger. He owned up to it, and he’s liberal. Who’s to say that I deny that I’ve ever done something wrong? I know that I’m not perfect.

I’m so tired of conservatives who say that “I’m not a true Christian” because I don’t oppose same sex marriage or abortion. Because I support an $11 dollar minimum wage. Because I support gun control.

A liberal Chris…

Keeping An Open Mind

I’m trying to avoid become an extreme liberal. Why? Because extreme liberals are just as bad as extreme conservatives.

Sometimes, staying open minded is difficult. A lot of times, people will say stupid things, and it will be difficult to not insult that person.

What I’m saying is, don’t insult a conservative, unless they do something directly to insult you. Liberals should be considered as open minded. But becoming so extreme to the point of you not talking to a conservative again is too much. It’s great to create balance. Have a couple conservative friends.

Intelligent liberals and conservatives don’t usually waste their time insulting each other. Many times, they may try working together to solve problems. One problem with our government, however, is that they don’t even try working together. Some do, but some don’t.

Instead of opposing each other and insulting each other, why not help each other out? Find a compromise? That way, both conservatives and liberals can get a piece of what they wanted.

Rape Is A Crime

To the right-wingers who think that rape is part of God’s plan, you could be right. But then again, God said adultery is wrong. So is it really part of God’s plan? Like some people say, there’s Heaven and Hell on earth.

But either way, rape is wrong. There is no reason  why a woman should be raped, no matter how she’s dressed or how she acts. Same goes for a man. That’s like me marrying somebody simply because I liked the way they dressed that one day. I just wouldn’t do it.

Rape is committed because the rapist wants control over somebody, since they can’t control themselves. That does sound solid. But, I even got conservatives and republicans to side with me (shockingly) when I said that rape is wrong, and that whether somebody believes it being a part of God’s plan, it shouldn’t be ignored. I didn’t get them to agree on my pro-choice ideals although. I’m not saying that I would want to have an abortion. But, a woman should be able to chose. If she is raped and doesn’t want a baby (if she is impregnated), she should be able to choose.

To the republicans who are basically saying that rape is “okay” because of God’s plan, I pity you. Once again, there is no reason why a woman or man should be raped because of how they look, or even because that person that did it wanted some action. Anybody who is raped should report it.

“I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there.” — Mitt Romney

Okay, so you think that there’s a safety net for the poor? Yes, we do have some opportunities to help the poor, but many impoverished people stay in the same place. Of course, you wouldn’t understand Mitt, as you’re a multimillionaire who could care less about anybody who didn’t vote for you. You’re a Mormon, who believes in God. A conservative. God cared about the poor, and helped them as much as possible. You don’t seem to care much. If we took away your multimillion, and left you with a lower middle class salary, how would you survive?

By the way, what do you mean by safety net? It doesn’t look like you’re pitching much to help.

“I’m not concer…