This page was started on August 15, 2013. My name is Vicki, and although young, I think I know enough about politics to have an opinion. At fourteen years, I’ve seemed to learn more in my freshman year of high school than any other time, except for a couple experiences in middle school. I am a Christian, and I’m proud to say that I love God. But, I am not a conservative. I keep my religion to myself and I don’t try to force it on people. The Bible, for me, is a way of life, and it may not be your way of life, and I respect that. I have learned a lot, on manners, a way to live, selflessness, tolerance, and love from the Bible. No, I’m not saying that’s the only way to learn manners and everything else. When it comes to politics, I don’t use my religion, because it isn’t going to do much in making America better. In a land that isn’t mostly Christian, I don’t think that Christians should dictate America. How would we feel if a person from a different religion came and tried to rule our country only based on their religion? Not so good, right?

I would love for equality for all, a better planet, and a better way of life.



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